Welcome To Nickquenum

“Nickquenum” is an Native word that means “I am going home”. Established in 2005, we are a non-profit organization formed by a small group of volunteers. We do not receive any funding. We do not have paid staff or a shelter facility.  Families in Guelph and surrounding area provide foster homes for dogs. We rely solely on donations to cover vet bills, food, and related costs.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to find permanent loving homes for adoptable dogs rescued from small, rural shelters/pounds/animal controls and humane societies.  In almost every case the dogs are of good temperament, but there are too many, and shelters must euthanize to free up space for incoming dogs.
Over the years we have established relationships with various shelters. They let us know of the dogs in need.  Our mission is not to just find the dog a home but find a great home in which he or she can achieve their full potential. It is not about quantity of dogs adopted, it is about quality.


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Our Adoptable Pets!


Contact us at northernpassage17@yahoo.ca and our adoptable dogs can be seen at nickquenumdogs.petfinder.com

We love it when our dogs find their adoptive families.
It is important when considering adopting, that it is
a well thought out process that involves the whole family.
Adopting a dog should never be an impulse decision.

You are making a lifetime commitment to your new dog and this should never be done without careful and thoughtful planning.
We screen potential adopters carefully with the goal of making an ideal match. For this reason we have a very low rate of dogs returned to us. If you’re considering adopting a new dog, please take the time as a family to discuss it.



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